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*Illinois State Bird: Cardinal
*Illinois State Tree: White Oak
*Illinois State Flower: Violet
*Illinois State Mineral: Fluorite

Did you know………The name “Illinois” comes from a Native American word meaning “tribe of superior men.”

Welcome to Illinois! Here you’ll find all things “pet-friendly” for this state. Some posts allow you to add on, so go ahead and put your two cents in. If you have a great spot that you think others should know about, add it! If you have a question, post it, and someone will probably be able to help you out. Have fun, and share your stories if you do something interesting.

Dog Friendly Places To Eat In Illinois

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1235 West Randolph Street
Chicago, IL 60607

Dog Friendly Places To Play In Illinois

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Chicago: Belmont Harbor Dog Beach
Dogs are allowed off-leash in the fenced beach area north of Belmont Harbor, located off Lake Shore Drive just south of Recreation Drive.

Dog Parks

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With the approach of Spring comes warmer weather…and that means more outdoor time with our four-legged friends.  Here are some of the great parks offered in the Chicago area.  I’ll post reviews and pictures of specific parks after we have visited them.

Challenger Bark

(773) 477-7933

Churchill Field Park

(312) 742-3647

Coliseum Park

(312) 742-PLAY

Grace-Noethling Park/Wiggly Field

(773) 348-2832

Hamlin Par
(773) 525-8592

Margate Park/Puptown

(773) 275-8370

Montrose Beach

(312) 742-PLAY

Walsh Park
(773) 384-0393

Wicker Park

(312) 742-3647