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About The Urban Mutt
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Here's everything you need to know about The Urban Mutt! But if we haven't covered it here, just drop us a note if you have a question.



The Show

We created The Urban Mutt to show pet owners all the great things the Chicago area has to offer. We’ll take a look at everything from dog parks to pet spas, and more importantly, we’ll highlight the work of all the various pet rescues and shelters in the city. The idea was to highlight some of these places that people might not know about, so they could do more things with their four-legged friends. So now that you know what the show is all about, maybe you’d like to learn a little bit more about the people (and pets!) that make it happen.




The Hosts


CFO (Chief Four-legged Officer)


From his humble beginnings at PAWS Chicago, Guinness has grown into a sweet-tempered, Swiffer-chasing, all around good pup.  With a penchant for squeaky toys and a notorious love of food, Guinness manages to nuzzle his way into the hearts of everyone he meets.  His favorite activity, besides chasing the laser pointer and playing fetch, is just lying around which you will see him doing very often if you watch the show.





Guinness's Fast Facts  


Alias:   Dweezle (this was the name he had at the adoption center)
Favorite Food:  

Hotdogs! (only as a special treat when he’s a really good dog)

Famous Friends:  

Bobby Jenks (he met Bobby at the White Sox dog days and even gave him a lick for luck)

Favorite Toy:   It’s a tie between anything that squeaks and the laser pointer
Best Trick:   Roll over (we’re working on “Fetch Breakfast” but that one could take a while)
Least Favorite Thing:   Taking a bath




Chad Lopez

President, CLBV Entertainment, LLC

Executive Producer


Hmm, so I have to write about myself now… well, I’ll begin at the beginning. I grew up in Pinedale, a small town in Wyoming. Even when I was little, I fancied myself some kind of Dr. Doolittle and befriended cats, dogs, chipmunks, a raccoon, and even a skunk!  Many years later, I found myself in Chicago, working on a television show, and dating a die-hard Sox fan. Needless to say, there are no skunks in our house, but we have adopted not one, not two, but three crazy pooches. Between the dogs, the show and what seems to be non-stop remodeling, I stay pretty busy, but I still find time work on new projects and take in as many Sox games as possible.


Chad's Fast Facts    
Favorite Food:   Pizza (it’s a perfect food, you can get all five food groups in one slice!)
Favorite Movie:   Hmm, a tie between Gladiator, Old School, and Coming to America
Favorite Teams:   Baseball = The White Sox, Football = Da Bears
Least Favorite Thing:   Puppy mills (what can I say, they’re just evil)
Favorite Season:   Summer! (I hate the cold…but I love Chicago)
I Most Respect::  

My Dad (who gave me my work ethic, and taught me that a job’s not done until it’s done right)




The Producer

Shane Snyder
Field Producer


As a native of Michigan, Shane grew up certain he'd be playing left field for the Detroit Tigers. Upon his understanding of how much skill would be needed to pursue such a job, he decided on production instead. Taking his degree from Central Michigan University, he headed west to the great city of Chicago where he landed a job with a leading production company. There he honed his skills for three years before landing the position of producer with The Urban Mutt.




Shane's Fast Facts    
Favorite Team:   Detroit Tigers (I’m a huge baseball fan.  I loved the Detroit Tigers when they lost 119 games and I’ll love them even more when they're the 2009 World Series Champs)
Favorite Foods:   Cheap Chinese buffets, taco's, and pizza
Proudest Moment:   In 2007 I married my college sweetheart, Andrea
Favorite Hobbies:   Watching movies, reading books, and playing video games (nothing beats getting involved in a good story, no matter what form it takes)
Least Favorite Thing:   Watching the Detroit Tigers getting handily beaten by the Chicago White Sox




The Girl Behind the Scenes

Cynthia Gaspar
Vice President, CLBV Entertainment, LLC


Cynthia was born and raised in Chicago, and never had any pets while growing up.  So, for those of you who know her, I bet you never would have thought she’d have three dogs… but yes, it’s true. The dogs certainly keep her on her toes… shoeless toes that is.  Shortly after adopting Bear and Guinness, they chewed up her favorite winter shoes. Not to be outdone, Peanut followed suit by chewing up her favorite pair of high heels… but she doesn’t complain, after all, they are just pups. Cynthia’s fascination with the plethora of dog treats available for our mutts was part of the inspiration for The Urban Mutt. I can personally attest to the dogs having more food than we do… their cupboard is always full, while our pantry has a box of mac-n-cheese, some chili and some Cheetos in it. Most importantly, Cynthia manages to keep the fur under control in the house with her arsenal of Swiffer sheets and lint rollers. I’m still mystified at how it’s possible for the dogs to shed that much hair and not be bald.


Cynthia's Fast Facts    
Favorite Food:   Pizza (extra sauce, pepperoni, and garlic)
Favorite Team:   The Chicago White Sox
Most Memorable Day:   Thursday, August 10th, 2006 (my first date with Chad…of course, it was to a White Sox game)
Least Favorite Thing:   The dogs’ ridiculous shedding
Weakness:   Sour gummie watermelons and Jolly Rancher jellybeans




The Other Mutts

Bear and Peanut

These two, how do I even begin to describe them? I guess I’ll talk about Bear first. 


Cynthia and I got Bear when a friend called and said someone had found a puppy abandoned in a lot in the middle of winter.  Once we saw him, we just couldn’t let him get taken to Animal Control, and thus began our dog adopting crusade. Shortly thereafter, we got Guinness, and soon Bear’s name could have been changed to “I Can’t Bear To Be Without Guinness!”  He is Guinness’s best buddy and greatest fan (although sometimes I think he just wants to be part of the limelight), and would probably follow us all over the city if I’d let him. He enjoys staring at Guinness and running around with a toy in his mouth trying to get Guinness or Peanut to chase him. If there were ever a dog who thinks he should be a person, it would be Bear. What can I say; he’s just a funny dog.


Bear's Fast Facts    
Favorite Food:   Natural Choice Carrot Cake Dessert (Bear would get in the car, drive to the store, and pick this up himself if he could reach the pedals and had money)
Favorite Activity:   Pestering Guinness (if pestering were an Olympic sport, Bear would have a gold medal)
Favorite Toy:  

The Rope (he either rolls around and plays with this by himself, or carries it around and tries to get the other dogs to chase him…they usually don’t)

Best Trick:   The “Hoppy Dog Dance” (he stands on his hind legs and hops around while turning)
Least Favorite Thing:   The Laser Pointer (he has absolutely no interest in looking at it, chasing it, or even chasing Guinness while he’s chasing it)



Peanut is our most recent adoption. We saw him at a Chicago Ridge Animal Welfare League adoption event and Cynthia was instantly smitten. I tried to resist, but who could say no to his little puppy face? Next thing we knew Peanut was part of the pack. At first he was afraid of just about everything, because he apparently came from a puppy mill (for those of you who don’t know how I feel about puppy mills, please refer to my “least favorite thing” above), and didn’t even really know how to walk on solid ground.  Instead, he sort of “hopped” from place to place… funny but heartbreaking all at the same time. Slowly but surely though, Peanut has gotten over his fears of stairs, people, vacuum cleaners, and just about everything else, and is now a happy (and very feisty) member of the household. 


Peanut's Fast Facts    
Alias:   Ozzie (and we’re Sox fans!   It was a match made in doggy heaven)
Favorite Food:   Whatever Guinness is eating (this dog loves him some Guinness)
Favorite Activity:   Stealing shoes (We discovered early on that Peanut likes to collect, and then chew, on shoes.  Sometimes we’d take off our shoes and then turn around to find that he’d piled them all on his bed.  We’re fighting valiantly to stop this especially after he chewed up Cynthia’s “favorite” pair.)
Best Trick:  

Sit and Wait (for right now anyways, but we’ll be working with him more as he gets even more comfortable with his new home)

Favorite Toys:   Laser & Squeaky (just like his idol, Guinness, Peanut loves the laser and squeaky toys equally) 



So there we are, The Urban Mutts; gears in a machine, pieces of a puzzle, all for one and one for all… you get the point. Most importantly, from our pack to yours, thanks for visiting the website and we hope you enjoy the show.


Chad, Cynthia, Shane, Guinness, Bear, and Peanut





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