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Posted by Cynthia on Thursday, October 8th, 2009 at 11:31 pm.

Bissel Cleans up Pet Hair

shed awayThis past weekend we attended the H.H. Backer Trade Show and one of the very first items I saw was Bissell’s pet grooming vacuum attachment called “Shed Away”. I have to say I was immediately drawn to it because with having to brush 3 dogs all the time, their hair goes everywhere and you end up having to pull out the vacuum and picking it up that way. It’s gotten to the point that I’ve actually been able to use the vacuum attachment directly on the dogs and they don’t seem to mind it, however, it only works if they have loose hair. Hence me being drawn to Shed Away… is basically a comb attached to the end of a vacuum attachment so it sucks up the hair as you’re combing your dog!! How fabulous is that!

The attachment is supposed to work on all major brands. We have a Eureka vacuum and it fit with no problem. The one thing that I would probably recommend improving is making the “teeth” slightly longer, otherwise it works great. I do have to say that our dogs are used to the vacuum so it was easy to get them to sit still while I combed them (giving them a treat helped too). If your dog is scared of the vacuum cleaner or not used to being that close to it, you’ll have to be very patient.

Anyway, I’ll be using Shed Away for sure…..that is until I can convince Chad to buy Bissell’s Pet Hair Eraser Vacuum!

WD-40 Can Make Your House Smell Better!

CarpetFreshAhh, I can sense the confusion from here. How, you are asking yourself, could the famous squeak-stopper make my house smell better? The answer has nothing to do with their super-powered lubricating spray, and everything to do with one of their other product lines: the Carpet Fresh Super Pet Quick Dry Foam!

Like most pet owners, we strive very hard to keep our homes from smelling like…well…pets. We wage a constant war of sweeper vs. hair, and sprays vs. smells. Needless to say, throughout the course of our battles we have tried many different fragrances in many different forms, ranging from powders to aerosols. Surprisingly (or maybe not surprisingly considering WD-40’s track record) the Carpet Fresh Quick Dry Foam has performed the best at eliminating odors on soft surfaces, such as pet beds, carpets, and couches. The best part is, that you don’t have to vacuum after you apply it! You simply cover the targeted area in a thin layer of foam, and Presto!…no more odors. All that’s left behind is a clean smelling fragrance that doesn’t smell too much like a perfume. Even better, if your pet lies down in the bed after it’s been cleaned, they end up smelling good!

So, the next time your pets decides to share the fragrance of “whatever-they-rolled-in” with the rest of the house, grab some of WD-40’s Carpet Fresh Super Pet Quick Dry Foam. We use it for our three dogs, and highly recommend it.


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